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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Mac OSX - error reading /usr/local/lib/libsvnjavahl-
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 23:09:36 GMT

: The older version of Jetty that we are using requires the JDK version,
: not the JRE version of 'java' so it can compile JSPs via javac.  Maybe
: that's be the problem?  Try typing the full path to the java
: executable to verify.

Perhaps ... but this seems like an awfully strnage exception to get if the
problem were that it can't find the compiler...

: > error: error reading /usr/local/lib/libsvnjavahl-;
: > error in opening zip file

...he said that /usr/local/lib/libsvnjavahl- did in fact
exist.  (I would expect a class not found or an attempt at opening a file
that doesn't exist in the other case)

I don't really know much about Java on Macs, or what a "dylib" file is ...
but the exception seems to indicate that it's expecting to find a Zip file
(possible a jar?)

Ross: does "unzip -l" or "jar tf" on
/usr/local/lib/libsvnjavahl- work for you?


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