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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Faceted Browsing questions
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 04:58:48 GMT

On Jun 29, 2006, at 12:30 AM, Vish D. wrote:
> Any update on your progress? Eager to get my hands on on your  
> latest code...
> :=)

It's all in our Subversion repository:


Sorry I didn't announce it, but we do have a patacriticism- 
development e-mail list that you can subscribe to for commit messages.

I've got a dual object-type facet cache going on now, where  
TermQuery's are cached for most facets making them quite lightweight  
and currently fitting all of our faceted fields nicely in RAM.   
However, I'm layering one level of "relationship" between different  
document _types_ in Solr that is a cross-reference of tags->objects  
and usernames->objects, where the objects are the basic document type  
(type:A - for "archive") in Solr, and type:C documents are the  
folksonomical glue between a user and an object, supporting tagging  
and annotations currently.  These relationship "facets" are currently  
DocSet caches, but they fit into the same cache so the front-end can  
constrain the search space by agent (aka author/artist/etc), genre,  
archive, year, users and tags as if they were all the same sort of  

We're currently having some sysadmin folks get us set up with a  
production environment to run this thing.  All the pieces are there  
in our repository to bootstrap the Collex system by launching two  
command-lines, one for RoR and one for Solr via Jetty.  And an Ant  
build file "index" target to index a directory full of (our custom  
flavor of) RDF into Solr.  No instructions are yet available on  
bootstrapping it all just yet.  But feel free to tinker if you like.  :)


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