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From Marcus Stratmann <>
Subject Re: who uses Solr?
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 14:30:12 GMT
Our Solr system is up now since a few days. You can find it at
I'm sorry we have a german user interface only, but maybe if you want to 
try out our system you just can fill out some fields in our search form 
and press "suchen" on the right side. We are "book brokers" and maybe 
it's not to hard to find out that "Autor" means "author" and "Titel" is 
"title". "Stichwort" may be interesting because this means "keyword" and 
  will perform a search in a "multiValued" field in Solr. One important 
notice: there are two checkboxes labeled "gebraucht" (used) and "neu" 
(new). Do not check "neu" because this will search in an external 
database which is much more slower than ours. ;-)

For the more technically interested I give you some parameters. We have 
now about 10.5 million documents in our index, each consisting of 24 
fields (you can see why, when you click "SUCHEN" on the left side which 
will present you a detailed search form). The index is 2.6G big on disk.
We have two Solr servers running (actually Tomcat server), but normally 
just one is active. Our users submit about 200.000 queries per day which 
is 2.3 queries per second. Typically this varies from 1.5 to 4.5 queries 
per second over the day. Additionally we have about 100.000 "search 
tasks" in our database which are processed in the morning hours 
(increasing the number of queries per second to 11). The index is 
updated once per day on our main server and then copied to our second 
If you have any question I'm glad to give you further information.

Thanks to the Solr community for helping us setting up this system!


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