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From "Bryzek.Michael" <>
Subject RE: Interest in Extending SOLR
Date Sat, 15 Apr 2006 14:05:16 GMT
Yonik already added support for multiple webapp instances (with unique
schemas) to the Near Term task list ... i've also added a
brainstorming page to the wiki with some ideas for implimenting index
partitioning to the "Ideas for the future" section...


Excellent - I've updated the index partitioning page to include one
additional scenario to consider for how this may work, allowing us to
define the partitions in advance rather than dynamically. I believe this
minimizes the impact on Solr while supporting the majority of use cases.
This model also follows the conceptual model of how partitioning in a
database works.


I would encourage you to experiment more with SOlr and test out it's
performance before assuming you have to get down into the nitty gritty
stuff and partition hte index (just becuase it improved the performance
straight Lucene, doesn't mean Solr's built in caching mechanisms aren't
already better)

I am planning to benchmark in our environment hopefully over the next
1-2 weeks, and if completed and useful, will post back any data that we


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