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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: LCF security with Solr
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 14:11:01 GMT
Karl -

I appreciate you starting this thread on this important topic.  To  
kick start some discussions, some thoughts are inline below...

On Apr 6, 2010, at 9:24 AM, Karl Wright wrote:
> As many may be aware, the LCF model relies on "access tokens" (e.g.  
> active directory SIDs).  There are "allow" tokens, and "deny"  
> tokens.  They are currently dropped on the floor when Solr is  
> involved, but they can readily (and most naturally) be handled to  
> Solr as metadata when a document is ingested.

These tokens are arbitrary strings, right?  In other words, the  
strings from one data source isn't going to be in the same format as  
from another data source, as I understand it.

Can you provide some examples of the grant and deny strings one may  
get from a few different data sources?

> Read more about the LCF security model here:
> My proposal is therefore to do the following:
> (1) Choose specific metadata names that LCF will use for "allow"  
> tokens and "deny" tokens;
> (2) Write a Solr request handler, which would peel out the special  
> headers that LCF's mod_authz_annotate module puts into the request,  
> and put those into a Solr request object;

Rather than a request handler, which would be too constraining on the  
Solr configuration of various request handlers, this is probably best  
as a servlet filter that fronts Solr's dispatch filter and simply adds  
parameters to the request passed on to Solr.

mod_authz_annotate - I need to understand this, but it will be a  
required front to Solr to take advantage of the grant/deny strings?    
Is this where the user credentials get processed?

Allowing the search component to pick up the parameters and add the  

> (3) Write a Solr search component, which pulls out the access tokens  
> from the Solr request object, and effectively wraps all incoming  
> queries with the appropriate clauses that limit the results returned  
> according to the appropriate "allow" and "deny" metadata matches.

> (a) Is this the right approach (bearing in mind that the LCF  
> security model is pretty deeply ingrained in LCF at this time, and  
> is thus not subject to significant changes);

Seems like a good approach with a servlet filter and search  
component.  Although I'm unclear how this will work with more than one  
data source indexed with different grant/deny formats.

> (b) Where should all of this live?  Should it be a component of  
> Solr, or a component of LCF?

Good questions!   I don't have any strong opinion on this just yet.   
Always a toss-up when it comes to placing code that straddles two  
projects.  But I think I lean towards having this in the new lucene/ 
solr trunk as a module.  While I'm pretty Solr-centric these days, I  
can imagine that LCF can have an output connector to write to Lucene's  
API directly and some may find it handy to have some common filtering  
code shared between Lucene and Solr.

> (c) The access tokens used by LCF are arbitrary strings, which are  
> usually alphanumeric, but do contain certain punctuation. Would this  
> cause a problem?

Punctuation won't cause a problem, but jiving a search request from a  
user into the various grant/deny is what I'm not quite understanding  
just yet.  Would there be issues with multiple data sources integrated  
into one Solr index?


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