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From Paolo Castagna <>
Subject Re: Eclipse project files... and Debian
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 07:33:17 GMT
Hi Thomas,
first of all, thank you for sharing your opinions (I followed your
recent problems with JSON, for example :-)).

I fully understand your troubles.

I use Ubuntu (and therefore part of Debian). Thank you for all the
good stuff you (your Thomas and the community) are doing.

But, for Java artifacts, I prefer to follow other approaches which
allow me to have more (or a different type of) control on dependencies.

There are different "best practices", for example:


I think that all the effort and approaches to provide users and 
developers an automated and painless experience are valuable, but
I prefer to use solutions which would work no matter what the
operating system it is (Windows, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X).

I use Maven or Ant+Ivy or Ant+Maven.


Thomas Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> there's also another kind of user with different expectations to the 
> classpath. I'm new to the world of java and I'm kind of shocked, how binary 
> jar files are thrown around and nobody cares, what they contain and where they 
> came from.
> When I package a software for Debian, the users of Debian expect me to check 
> the license and the security of the software. So I can not simply take 
> whatever jar file I find in the lib/ folder.
> So when I develop java software, I prefer to ignore the jars in the lib/ 
> folder and try to satisfy the dependencies with the jar files from the Debian 
> distribution. Those are located in /usr/share/java and often have slightly 
> different names then the original jars.
> But let us take our time, since Java is free only since 2006, there is still a 
> long way, until free software developers and the java world understand each 
> others.
> Best regards,
> Thomas Koch,

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