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From Thomas Koch <>
Subject Re: Eclipse project files... and Debian
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 07:08:20 GMT

there's also another kind of user with different expectations to the 
classpath. I'm new to the world of java and I'm kind of shocked, how binary 
jar files are thrown around and nobody cares, what they contain and where they 
came from.
When I package a software for Debian, the users of Debian expect me to check 
the license and the security of the software. So I can not simply take 
whatever jar file I find in the lib/ folder.

So when I develop java software, I prefer to ignore the jars in the lib/ 
folder and try to satisfy the dependencies with the jar files from the Debian 
distribution. Those are located in /usr/share/java and often have slightly 
different names then the original jars.

But let us take our time, since Java is free only since 2006, there is still a 
long way, until free software developers and the java world understand each 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch,

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