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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: rough outline of where Solr's going
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 18:16:12 GMT

: > I thinks solr-3.1 only makes sense if Solr is include in one big
: > giant apache-lucene-3.1.tgz release
: Projects have multiple artifacts all the time for user convenience.

Ugh ... sorry, poor phrasing on my part ... i was not suggesting that we 
*should* have a single monolithic release artifcat, i'm saying that since 
we are not planning on having a monolithic release artifact, we don't 
really have a need for unified version numbers -- we should try to stick 
with teh current version number sequencing for consistency to our users.

The typical solr user shouldn't have to know/care that develpment is now 
uified beween solr and the core of lucene -- the version numbers should 
"bump" only as appropriate to signify thelevel of change from the *users* 
perspective ... with 1.4 as the last release, it seems like the next 
logical next "bumps" would be "1.4.1","1.5", or "2.0"

1.4.1 would imply really small amounts of changes, so that doesnt' really 
apply; 1.5 would imply similar impacts on the user as between 1.3 and 1.4, 
which also doesn't apply since we're removing deprecations and a lot of 
users will *have* to change their configs; that leaves 2.0 which is a big 
enough bump to properly convey "lots of stuff has changed, pay attention"

3.1 may make life easy for us as developers, but is likely to be just as 
cofusing to users as if we called the next version "Q"


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