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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: error in sum function
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 23:18:37 GMT

: Subject: error in sum function
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JCodina: it appears that you created an empty message via Nabble, and then 
edited it -- but only the initial (empty) message ever made it to the 
developer list.  In general, using the Nabble editing features is a VERY 
bad idea because only a handful of people will ever notice your edits -- 
what matters is the initial version that gets sent to everyone by email.

Please post your question again, but this time please send it to the 
solr-user list...
Please Use "solr-user@lucene" Not "solr-dev@lucene"

Your question is better suited for the solr-user@lucene mailing list ...
not the solr-dev@lucene list.  solr-dev is for discussing development of
the internals of the Solr application ... it is *not* the appropriate
place to ask questions about how to use Solr (or write Solr plugins) 
when developing your own applications.  Please resend your message to
the solr-user mailing list, where you are likely to get more/better
responses since that list also has a larger number of subscribers.


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