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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: welcome new lucene/solr committers
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 23:25:00 GMT
On 03/15/2010 07:14 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : Development on branches/solr to get on lucene trunk is progressing at
> : a furious (nay... ferocious) pace, pushed by the "not new, but new to
> : solr" committers.  Feels great to have everyone on the same team!
> I feel like i must have missed out on some sort of discussion -- what was
> the motivation behind creating a branch for this? (as opposed to just
> using solr/trunk, since it seemed like there was a clear concensus from
> all the solr devs (in the merge discussion) that the next major solr
> release should be in sync with Lucene 3.x)

Because getting Solr on Lucene 3.x is a combination of a bunch of issues 
and patches - robert and I were trying to juggle them all and it was 
major annoying. So we made a branch that we could commit crappy stuff 
too fast and furious to get things up to speed and iterate. This branch 
is basically the culmination of all the patches, plus whatever else we 

> Also: why such a horrible branch name?  ... seems more then a little
> vague.

God don't ask. As Robert and I were looking for a place for a branch, it 
came up in #Lucene irc chat that we should put it in a certain place.
It turns out, that certain place caused a raucous. For one, Uwe popped 
up and said something like:


So while it made some sense to call it solr in the unspoken place that 
it was, I was in such a hurry to move it I just left the name. Now it 
would require everyone svn switching to change it, so we have just left 
it for now. Renames and moves are easy in svn though, so I'm sure we 
could organize something better - we just meant for this to be a very 
temporary scratch pad to play with what was need to get up to Lucene trunk.

We haven't meant to do anything official is why we havn't dropped onto 
the dev-list - we were just looking for a branch to hash out these 
patches. Now its up to everyone what we do with this branch.

> -Hoss

- Mark

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