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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject Re: Namespaces in response (SOLR-1586)
Date Wed, 09 Dec 2009 16:33:18 GMT
My gut feeling is that we should not be introducing namespaces by default.
It introduces a new requirement of XML parsers in clients, and some
parsers would start validating by default, and going out to the web to
retrieve the referenced namespace/schema, etc.

I think the initial geosearch feature can start off with
<str>10,20</str> for a point.
If we wish to introduce a point type in the XML and binary response
writers at a later point in time, it seems like it might require a
version bump of the output format anyway, and we could go to something
simple like <point>10,20</point>.

It is worth using standards when they buy you enough.... I'm not sure
this is one of those times.
I'm sure there are standards for numeric types like <int> too... but
using namespaces for that seems like overkill.

But if someone wants to supply patches that can optionally enable
sticking in schema, namespaces, etc, w/o significant impact to the
default, that's OK too.  Or perhaps a custom response writer that uses
namespaces for every single type for those who want that.


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