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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Namespaces in response (SOLR-1586)
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2009 02:39:29 GMT

: > a SolrQueryResponse, no one has ever accused any of those response writers
: > of not being flexible enough to generate a *different* type of response in
: > those formats.
: You may be right, but actually quite a few issues have referenced even non
: XMLWriters of similar issues. See:

I honeslty don't understand what you're getting at here, this list of 
issues is all over the map and almost none of them relate to the 
extensibility of any request handlers...

  ... this was from someone who didn't notice and 
  felt like the default way of representing a NamedList in JSON was odd.  
  they didn't disagree with the JSON structure, they just don't like the 
  ...this was an improvement issue to track adding the ruby response 
  writer ... which idnd't exist before this.
  ...this is a bug in how the term compontent adds the terms to the 
  response ... it's completley orthoginal to the response output 
  ...this is from one of my coworkers who had some really old, really 
  hideously hackish plugins from before Solr was open sourced that was 
  trying to find a way to work arround a big fixed in the xml escaping -- 
  i could maybe see this as a "response writers need to be more flexible" 
  type issue, except they knew from the start the start they were abusing 
  a bug.
  ...this is an issue Kay opened to revamp NamedList to be more typesafe 
  ... also has absolutely nothign to do with how flexible the output 
  representation is.

: Maybe, maybe not. I'm not sure the effect is to make it crystal clear as
: much as it is to make it "clearer". XMLWriter is totally ambiguous -- what
: type of "XML" does it generate? I would argue "SOLR response XML", hence the
: SorlXmlResponseWriter.

eh ... agree to disagree i guess. it seems just as valid to say that 
"UpdateCommand" -- what type of data does it update? ... or that 
"RequestHandler" is ambigious because it can only handle "Solr" requests, 
so it should be title "SolrRequestHandler".

we have enough ambiguity and confusion with some of our config file 
options and names that non-java users see ... the ones that only plugin 
writers see i'm less concerned with ... better to beef up the javadocs 
that deal with a bunch of deprecation headaches just to add "Solr" to the 
front of a class name.


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