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From Thomas Koch <>
Subject SOLR 1.4 debian packaging
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:13:43 GMT
@solr-dev: Could sbd. from upstream help us out with a working tomcat.policy 
for solr? For now I just granted all permissions to solr.

Hi Jan-Pascal (et al),

I've uploaded the current state of my packaging effort of SOLR 1.4 to
(This is a new repository and not compatible with the one found at the same 
place until today)

I still have some things, where I'm stuck, listed in debian/TODO, for your 
convenience copied here:

- Review web.xml.
- enable junit tests on build?
- Build javadocs?
- Decide, where dist/apache-solr-dataimporthandler-1.4.0.jar should go:
  - /usr/share/solr/WEB-INF/lib/
  - /usr/share/java
  Or should maybe all jars go to /usr/share/java and be symlinked?
- Review debian/tomcat.policy
- Delete obsolete topgit branches from 1.3

And I forgot one todo issue in the file: - test with Jetty

About GIT and topgit:

- upstream tarballs are available from the git repository with pristine-tar

- the git setup is the default one proposed by git-buildpackage. So git-
  buildpackage should work on this repository without any configuration

- patches are managed with topgit according to this workflow:

Best regards,

Thomas Koch,

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