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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: SOLR-1131 - Multiple Fields per Field Type
Date Sun, 29 Nov 2009 20:28:06 GMT

: I thought about this too.  It is what Local Solr currently does 
: (although it expects a certain prefix, too, I believe).  However, it 
: seems a bit unnecessary, as now the user needs to use both the field 
: type and the dynamic field in order to get it to work, whereas I don't 
: think they should have to do that, as it isn't in line with the notion 
: of a field type.  FieldTypes currently can be used for any fields, both 
: regular and dynamic.

we already have FieldTypes that only make sense when used as either a 
<field/> or as a <dynamicField/> ... RandomField only makes sense when 
used as a dynamicField, ExternalValueField doesn't make sense if you try 
to use it as a dynamicField -- it's just hte nature of specialized 

It's one thing to say that we don't want "search/index users" to have to 
know about the details of how these fields work -- i agree with that, they 
should just be be able to index and query against a "location" field and 
have it work, without knowing that "location" actually builds up a bunch 
of cartisien grid fields using names like "location_0DAB9" ... but i think 
it's perfectly acceptible to ask that the "schema creator / solr 
addministrator" have som understanding of these special field types, and 
to tell them "you need to declare these as <dynamicField/> because they 
add other low level fields using that prefix/suffix that you don't need to 
worry about."

The admin type users are going to need to know about these automagically 
created fields one way or another -- if not to prevent collision, then to 
make sure they don't get confused when they look at Luke and the schema 


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