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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr 1.5 or 2.0?
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 23:39:41 GMT

: regular trunk structure at some point down the road. What's the SOLR 
: versioning scheme by the way? Is it:

that's part of the problem (and the reason why comments about the "back 
compat" commitments for Solr have come up in this thread) ... Solr is a
young enough project that we've never made any "formal" specification of 
what it means to rev a major version, or for that matter if/when we might 
have a point release (ie: 1.4.1) ... and we've never really specified what 
it means for Solr to be backwards compatible ... we've done a pretty good 
job of making config syntax, schema declarations, and URL params backwards 
compatible, and whenever feasible we've tried to keep "plugin" APIs back 
compatible -- but we have (knowingly) broken them on occasion with the 
understanding that our first priority is "user level" back compatibility 
and performance, and that plugin writers are probably willing to put up 
with needing to make small code changes to upgrade if it means good 
performance wins.

that said: i (and i'm guressing several other people) would fight 
pretty hard against making major internal API chandes that would require 
plugin developers to rewrite serious chunks of code w/o doing a major 
version bump.

The point being: it's all been very informat up to now -- and that's 
probably for the best.  "policies" should evolve over time based on real 
world situations that come up, and we're still in the process of doing 


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