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From Chantal Ackermann <>
Subject MoreLikeThis > interestingTerms : SortableIntField breaks XML
Date Tue, 10 Nov 2009 13:01:52 GMT
Hi everyone,

I've just realised that this line in the result for an MLT query is broken:

<float name="decade:€#0;ߐ">0.2517573</float>
(this is the last child of element "interestingTerms" see more output below)

decade should contain the int "2000" from what I can see in the results 
for that query. The representation of "2000" as SortableInt seems to 
contain characters that break the XML output?



<float name="score">3.9147425</float>
<int name="decade">2000</int>
<long name="id">32725355</long>
<long name="sid">1518610</long>
<date name="start_date">2009-11-14T06:00:00Z</date>
<str name="title">Smoking</str>
<int name="year">2002</int>
<lst name="interestingTerms">
<float name="participant:Nichelle Nichols">1.0</float>
<float name="participant:James Coburn">0.9949831</float>
<float name="participant:John Debney">0.93337345</float>
<float name="cat:€#0;Ă">0.5553121</float>
<float name="country:CDN">0.5469994</float>
<float name="cat:€#0;Ā">0.38832104</float>
<float name="country:USA">0.31487963</float>
<float name="decade:€#0;ߐ">0.2517573</float>

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