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From Chantal Ackermann <>
Subject Re: SEVERE: SolrIndexWriter was not closed prior to finalize
Date Mon, 09 Nov 2009 09:38:56 GMT

> It would be really helpful if people seeing these messages frequently in
> their logs could elaborate a little bit more on...
> 1) exactly which version/build of Solr they are using
1.4.0 RC from 30th of October.
Changes.txt contains the line:
$Id: CHANGES.txt 831168 2009-10-30 00:28:25Z yonik $

> 2) whether they have any custom plugins loaded (either that they developed
> on their own, or from a third party, or even from solr/contrib)
Custom EntityProcessor (single class) for handling multiple rows per 
document. I've overridden getRow(). Other resources that would need 
releasing etc. are not used.

> 3) what types of funtionality of Solr they use when dealing with
> indexing (ie: DIH, CSV loading, Solr Cell, SignatureUpdateProcessor,
> etc...)
DIH: loading from SQL DB, including RegexTransformer, ScriptTransformer, 

> The one thing i do notice in particular about the log messages that were
> posted in this thread is that the rollback feature was used ... is this a
> common pattern? ... do all of the people noticing these "POSSIBLE RESOURCE
> LEAK" messages use rollback?  is there any correlation between how much
> you use rollback and how often you get one of these messages? (even if
> they don't happen at/near the same times)
I just noticed that it appeared after a rollback and did not reappear 
when the index went fine. I can set up some test to make sure that (in 
my case) this is a reproducible pattern.

> (solr isn't running perfectly, and something is goig wrong, but luckily
> it's going wrong in a way that solr can recover from ... it could just as
> easily go wrong in a way that solr can't recover from)

Thanks a lot for clarifying this, Chris!

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