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From gdeconto <>
Subject examining/modifying qstr in QParserPlugin
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 21:04:22 GMT

sorry if this is a very simple question, but I am stuck (and online searches
for this info havent been fruitful).

Lets say that, in certain circumstances, I want to change the field names
and/or field query values being passed to SOLR.

For example, lets say my unmodified query is
"http://localhost:8994/solr/select?q=xxx:[* TO 3] AND yyy:[3 TO
*]&defType=myQParser" and (JUST for the sake of argument) lets say I want to
rewrite it as "http://localhost:8994/solr/select?q=aaa:[1 TO 2] AND bbb:[3
TO 10]&defType=myQParser". 

I think I can do it by extending QParserPlugin, and overriding the
createParser method (see my code snippet below). The qstr parameter contains
the parts I want to examine and/or modify.

now to my questions:
1. is that the correct location to do this?
2. is there an existing method for parsing out the fields and their
parameters? i.e. to break a qstr of "xxx:[* TO 3] AND yyy:[3 TO *]" into an
array something like  x[0][0] = "xxx", x[0][1]="1 TO 3", x[1][0] = "xxx",
x[1][1]="3 TO *".  Or possibly even finer than that.  I could write it
myself but its nicer not to have to.=^D

thanks in advance for any help.

import org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException;
import org.apache.solr.common.params.SolrParams;
import org.apache.solr.common.util.NamedList;
import org.apache.solr.request.SolrQueryRequest;

public class myQParserPlugin extends QParserPlugin {

	public QParser createParser(String qstr, SolrParams localParams, SolrParams
params, SolrQueryRequest req) 
		return new QParser(qstr, localParams, params, req) {
		  QParser baseParser;

		  public Query parse() throws ParseException {
			StringBuilder queryBuilder = new StringBuilder();

			// extract and/or view and/or change qstr content here
			// ..
			// is there an existing function/method to parse qstr into its component
			// i.e. to break "?q=xxx:[1 TO 3] AND yyy:[3 TO *]" into something like:
			// x[0][0] = "xxx", x[0][1]="1 TO 3"
			// x[1][0] = "xxx", x[1][1]="3 TO *"

			// after modifying qstr, store it into queryBuilder here

			// prepare queryBuilder for any additional solr handling
			baseParser = subQuery(queryBuilder.toString(), null);
			Query q = baseParser.parse();
			return q;

		  public String[] getDefaultHighlightFields() {
			return baseParser.getDefaultHighlightFields();
		  public Query getHighlightQuery() throws ParseException {
			return baseParser.getHighlightQuery();

		  public void addDebugInfo(NamedList debugInfo) {

	public void init(NamedList arg0) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub

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