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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: print junit test name
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 17:13:55 GMT

: Right now, if I see something funny (like an exception that doesn't
: cause a test failure) in a big junit test report, it's hard to tell
: what test it was in - the output for each test is simply catenated,
: with no separator.

what do you mean by output?  System.out? System.err? messages logged via 

: Is there a way to get junit to print this info, or do we need to do
: subclass TestCase, and do it ourselves?

getName() can be called by any method in a testCase at anytime to know 
which test method is currently being executed (or in the case of 
setUp/tearDown about to be executed) so we could always modify 
AbstractSolrTestCase to print that out in setUp/tearDown

if you're specificly talking about exceptions that get writen via the 
logger then the ideal solution is something i've been meaning to look into 
when i have some more time: a LogHandler dynamicly registered during 
setUp() that records any log messages above a certain level (ERROR) that 
test methods can use to assert that certain behavior did/didn't trigger 
messages matching a regex (ie: tests of bad config/input that want to 
assert an error was logged vs test of good configs/input that assert no 
errors were logged)  the tearDown method can then assert that the 
LogHandler doesn't have any LogMessages left in it's queue the test didn't 
already account for.


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