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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: Solr development with IntelliJIDEA - looking for advice
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 14:05:43 GMT
I usually skip through the Wizard stuff as fast as possible and then  
just add the modules by hand, as IntelliJ thinks it is smart at this  
stuff when it really isn't.  For the core Solr, I create a "Project  
Library" dependency that has 3 JAR Directories as dependencies:


This is one place where Maven is _so much better_ than Ant.  Point  
IntelliJ at the pom.xml, and you have it all setup, including all the  
submodules, etc.

On Sep 3, 2009, at 6:42 AM, Lukáš Vlček wrote:

> Hello,
> I noticed that several developers (Yonik, Grant, ... ?) are using
> IntelliJIDEA for Solr development. Is anybody willing to share his/her
> experience about how to setup and open Solr project in IntelliJIDEA?  
> I am
> quite new to IntelliJIDEA and I would greatly appreciate any *how- 
> to* or
> *for dummies* step-by-step tutorial. I tried to create a new project  
> in IDEA
> from existing sources (fresh solr-trunk) and simply followed the  
> wizard but
> this does not seem to be the best option (getting some circular  
> dependencies
> and missing classpath issues).
> Note: I am using IntelliJIDEA 8.1.3
> Regards,
> Lukas

Grant Ingersoll

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