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From Mike Anderson <mik...@MIT.EDU>
Subject distributed search components
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 16:52:43 GMT
I'm trying to make my way through learning how to modify and write  
distributed search components.

A few questions

1. in SearchHandler, when the query is broken down and sent to each  
shard, will this request make it's way to the process() method of the  
component (because it will look like a non-distributed request to the  
SearchHandler of the shard)?

2. the comment above the response handling loop (in SearchHandler)  
says that if any requests are added while in the loop, the loop will  
break and make the request immediately. I see that the loop will exit  
if there is an exception or if there are no more responses, but  I  
don't see how the new requests will be called unless it goes through  
the entire loop again.

3. if one adds a request to rb in the handleResponses method, this  
wouldn't necessarily be called, namely in the event that none of the  
components override the distributedProcess method, and the loop only  
goes through once.

4. where can I learn more about the shard.purpose variable? Where in  
the component should this be set, if anywhere?

I've taken a look at the wiki page, but if there is more documentation  
elsewhere please point me towards it.

Thanks in advance,

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