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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Mucking with DocSlices
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 14:26:52 GMT
I'd like to be able to change the DocList in a SearchComponent, for  
instance to shorten or lengthen it.  I can get a shorter one via the  
subset() method, but the problem with this is the new subset still  
reflects the number of matches, etc. of the parent, which seems a  
little odd to me.  If I say String.substring().length(), I wouldn't  
expect the length returned to be the same as the parent (unless of  
course the substring requested is the identity one), so I'm not sure  
why DocSlice.subset does.  Likewise for the maxScore, etc.

Is there a reason why, if I know I have a DocSlice, I can't cast the  
docList to it and make some of these lower level changes to the member  
variables?  It would be a lot more efficient than having to copy over  
all the docs, etc. to a new DocSlice.


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