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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject CharFilter, analysis.jsp
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 02:17:51 GMT
I'm interested in using a CharFilter, something like this:

     <fieldType name="html_text" class="solr.TextField">
         <charFilter class="solr.HTMLStripCharFilterFactory"/>
         <tokenizer class="solr.WhitespaceTokenizerFactory"/>

In hopes of being able to put in a value like "<html><body>whatever</ 
body></html>" and have "whatever" come back out.  In analysis.jsp, I  
see that happening in the verbose output but it doesn't make it to the  
tokenizer input - the original string makes it there.

I must be misunderstanding something about CharFilter's and how to use  
them in Solr.  HTMLStripWhitespaceTokenizerFactory is deprecated in  
favor of the above design, I think, but does what I'm after.

Solr only seems to use CharFilter's in analysis.jsp.  Is that  
correct?  Shouldn't they be factored into the analyzer for each  
field?  (like in FieldAnalysisRequestHandler)


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