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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Param Naming and Abbreviations
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 18:25:59 GMT

: > OK, color me confused about how naming should be done for params.  There
: > clearly seems to be two camps in Solr-land:  1. those who abbreviate params
: > and 2. those who don't.  Pick your sides, please!  ;-)
: Tend towards brevity, but not for the sake of readability.


for me it's primarily an issue of huffman encoding: 

1) params that are going to be used all the freaking time, by lots of 
people, frequently when constructing URLs (which will get sent over the 
wire millions of times), should be on the shorter side (q, fl, sort, rows, 

2) params that are going to be used extremely infrequently, and typically 
hardcoded inot a config in the rare cases where they are used, should be 
longer and more verbose (the verbosity being an issue of self documenting 
since people won't be use to seeing them and won't immediately recognize 

(Disclaimer: i freely admit that i screwed the pooch on all those dismax 
params.  i came up with those back before it was possible to put defaults 
in solrconfig.xml, so the "keep things that will be in millions of URLs 
going over teh wire" mantra kicked in)


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