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From Donovan Jimenez <>
Subject Re: Dependency Injection?
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 21:42:05 GMT
guice and spring are trying to standardize those annotations through  
the JCP to try and eliminate the tie in with a particular DI  
framework (minus the actual configuration). Bob lee has a post about  
it (developer of Guice):

So using guice annotations now would be transitional to standard  
annotations later theoretically. Of course, that's assuming the  
momentum keeps moving forward with their submission.

On Jul 14, 2009, at 5:30 PM, Mark Miller wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 5:06 PM, Jason Rutherglen <
>> wrote:
>> Are we looking at implementing dependency injection for the config  
>> files?
>> I'd like to think about this as we also look at integrating  
>> Zookeeper for
>> config file management. I was trying (for example) to use
>> LogByteSizeMergePolicy however currently I can't set the  
>> parameters because
>> solrconfig.xml only accepts a class name. Adding custom dependency
>> injection
>> just for this class doesn't seem ideal, nor is rolling out our own
>> dependency injection? There's a couple of choices: * Spring - It's  
>> in wide
>> use, however it grows brittle and very difficult to maintain over  
>> time. I'd
>> personally rather focus on search, not managing webs of xml files.  
>> Some
>> companies have extended Spring to get around other limitations, I  
>> don't
>> think we want to go down that path? * Guice
>> Pluses: Apache Licensed and  
>> it's
>> integrated with Java so there's no problems with misspellings,  
>> type safety.
>> Because it's in Java it gets around Spring's biggest drawback to  
>> me which
>> is
>> the inability to easily navigate the XML files.
> We have discussed a few times in the past. A nice benefit is that,  
> while we
> can provide an injector framework with Solr, it should be easy to  
> plugin
> another (though not necessarily with annotations) of your own  
> choosing.
> I liked Guice a lot when I used it a couple years back - wasn't it
> annotation only though? Not sure I like the idea of Guice  
> annotations all
> throughout Solr.
> Noble has started some work towards this by beginning to move all  
> of the
> solrconfig parsing to one class. Ryan also did some work towards  
> this, and I
> think there is a branch with his work, though I'm sure its way out  
> of date
> now.
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> -- 
> - Mark

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