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From pof <>
Subject Re: A few Solr questions
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 02:48:44 GMT

Can I use my own indexer though because I have spent a lot of time adding
docx and xlsx handling, zip handling, multiple charset handling, email
attachment parsing etc. etc.?

To be honest I'm not sold on Solr so far, my queries will be coming from a
powerbuilder app and it will need a very specific xml result set POSTed back
(thats why I need my own searcher as well).

Thanks, Brett.

Matt Weber-2 wrote:
> 1.  Solr has it's own indexer and search so you don't need to program  
> your own.
> 2.  Yes, a lot.  Solr can scale when/if you need to.  Solr is stable.   
> If you need support you can get it from companies such as Lucid  
> Imagination.  There are a lot more.
> 3.  Do you mean use Solr to replicate your own index?  If yes, then  
> the answer is no.  If you want to replicate a Solr index without using  
> Solr's search or caching the answer is yes but I don't know why you  
> would not use Solr's searcher.
> Thanks,
> Matt Weber
> eSr Technologies
> On Jun 8, 2009, at 7:23 PM, pof wrote:
>> Hi, I am fairly new to indexing and I have just written three java  
>> apps (an
>> indexer, a searcher and a webserver using jetty to accept POSTed  
>> queries
>> from a powerbuilder app). I am at the stage where I want a way to  
>> replicate
>> my index for backup, initially I was just going to use rsync but now  
>> I keep
>> hearing about Solr. Anyway, here are the questions:
>> - Does Solr need you to have programmed your own indexer and  
>> searcher or
>> does it use its own ones?
>> - Is there any advantages to using Solr rather than running my own  
>> indexer
>> in a cron job every so often and running my own jetty websever?
>> - Can I just use Solr's replication without the searching and  
>> caching etc.?
>> If so is there any advantages doing this over simply rsync?
>> Thanks, Brett.
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