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From Jacob Singh <>
Subject Re: Solr 1.4
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 17:32:12 GMT
> It's not like anything all that magical necessarily happens with a release.
>  Sure, we package up the bits and there is some legal ramifications, I
> suppose, but the software is more or less the same.  In other words, most
> people should be fine with trunk, or some recent revision. In fact if more
> people tried out trunk, it would be faster to release b/c we would have more
> vetting done.

We (Acquia) have been using a 1.4 nightlies (updating every month or
so) since January 15th in production.

We haven't had any problems with builds that pass tests at all.
Granted, we're not doing sharding, field collapsing or some other
features which may be "advanced", but we are using java replication in
multicore heavily and have played around a bit with the Tika extension
without issues.



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