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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: issue on trunk?
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 17:24:38 GMT
Yonik Seeley wrote:
> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Peter Wolanin
> <> wrote:
>> Playing with this last night, the error seems to occur for me only
>> with an index created using a solr build from a couple weeks ago
>> that's opened with a new solr build.  The error goes away if I issue a
>> delete query for *:* and re-index the content.
> That's really strange... that really shouldn't be the case.  Perhaps
> reopen() is acting a little different with the older index?
> Please keep that index around if possible so we can get to the bottom of this!
> Mark - could it be the changes from delegation to inheritance for
> SolrIndexSearcher?
> super(reader) is called before we get a chance to to wrap the reader
> and make it a SolrIndexReader...
> -Yonik
It could be. Good point - SolrIndexSearcher gets the plain reader and it 
used to get SolrIndexReader. My fault, because I did most of the 
thinking on that pre SolrIndexReader patch. So I guess, Lucene would 
feed the Solr DocSet a regular reader instead of SolrIndexReader - no 
good. But, what I still don't understand is how that plays into Peter's 
comment above and my inability to easily replicate the problem. I'll 
keep digging, but it sounds like I may just revert back to delegation or 
override getIndexReader to return the SolrIndexReader - if thats done, 
we should prob deprecate getReader. We'd obviously like to fully 
understand whats happening in any case though. Until I can tickle the 
error, I can only guess myself.

- Mark

- Mark

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