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From KaktuChakarabati <>
Subject Re: Creating a new QParserPlugin
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 22:40:34 GMT

Hey Kevin,
thanks for the reply - Going down the road of recoding most of it was
what I wanted to avoid..
I did go ahead and submit a JIRA issue/patch that addresses this.
I think this patch makes the whole thing much simpler and exposes some of
the powerful
underlying mechanisms in a pretty standard way. Feel free to check it
out/comment, JIRA-1149


Kevin Osborn-2 wrote:
> I had a case where I was extending the DisMax parser. So,  my class
> MyNewDxMaxQParserPlugin extends QParserPlugin. But, I just copied and
> pasted from Sure, doesn't reuse all the code,
> but in my case I just needed the existing code as an example and then I
> had to change it in a few places. Rather than dealing with inheritence,
> etc., it was simpler to just contol the code on my own.
> ________________________________
> From: KaktuChakarabati <>
> To:
> Sent: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 4:22:56 PM
> Subject: Creating a new QParserPlugin
> (Forwarded from solr-users, I figured its more appropriate here.. )
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to write a new QParserPlugin+QParser, one that will work
> similar
> to how DisMax does, but will give me more control over the
> FunctionQuery-related part of the query processing (e.g in regards to a
> specified bf parameter).
> In specific, I want to be able to affect the way the queryNorm (and
> possibly
> other factors) interact with a
> pre-computed value I store in a static field (i.e I compute an index-time
> score for a document that I wish to use in a bf as a ValueSource, without
> being affected by queryNorm or other such extranous considerations.)
> While trying this, I notice I run alot into cases where some parts I try
> to
> override/inherit from are private to a java package namespace, and this
> makes the whole thing very cumbersome.
> Examples for this are the DismaxQParser class which is defined as a local
> class inside the file (i think this is bad
> practice
> - otherwise, FunctionQParserPlugin/FunctionQParser do have their own
> seperate files, so i think this is a good convention to follow generally).
> Another case is where i try to inherit from FunctionQParser and end up not
> being able to replicate some of the parse() logic, because it uses the
> QueryParsing.StrParser class which is a static inner class and so is only
> accessible from the namespace.
> In short, many such cases seem to arise and i think this poses a
> considerable limitation on
> the possibilities of extending solr.
> Otherwise, if some of you have some notions about going about what i'm
> trying to do differently,
> I would be happy to hear.
> Thanks,
> -Chak
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