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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Make ant example faster
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 18:26:16 GMT
: Wouldn't one solution to this bundling and aggregating/separating of examples
: and plugins be made a lot less painful if SolrResourceLoader could load from a
: list of directories rather than only a single directory?   What are the

I'm not understanding how that would help the example situation.  what 
are you envisioning that the instanceDir would look like?  how 
would SolrResourceLoader know which directories to use?

right now SolrResourceLoader assumes (instanceDir + "lib/") will contain a 
bunch of jars ... i can imagine that we could let that directory contain 
other directories and walk it recursively looking for jars, and then 
people could put symlinks in it to other lib directories -- but how would 
that help us with the example?  would we create the symlinks via ant? can 
tgz/zip files store symlinks efficiently?

Or are you thinking that we would add a new way to specify additional lib 
dir paths in the solrconfig.xml? ... i suppose that would be posible, but 
i think it would require some funky changes to SolrConfig and Config to 
parse out the lib dirs before parsing anything else (that would need to 
kow about the SolrResourceLoader)


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