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From "Eger, Patrick" <>
Subject RE: 1.4 Planning
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 18:38:30 GMT
> > For what it's worth, I'd like to speak up for the inclusion of
> > (Field Collapsing).
> > is a critical feature for us and would love to not have to wait for
> > (or run a patched version). Judging by the number of votes and
> > on the issue, I think it's important for others as well. Just my 2c!
> >
> I hear you Patrick. It is the most voted/watched issue in the list
> with SOLR-284 (which we now have in the form of
> aka
> Solr Cell) and I'd really like to have this feature in Solr.
> Unfortunately, I'm not very familar with the patch(es) and the
> and I don't have the bandwidth to work through it right now. But,
> that at least three committers (Yonik, Ryan and Otis) have been
> at
> different times, if someone is willing to work through the hoops, I'm
> folks would be willing to shepherd it along.

Willing, but possibly not able =) I'll give it a go but honestly I have
no idea what I'm getting into (haven't hacked SOLR before).

> Looking at the current state of things, I'm not sure how much time it
> would
> take. Typically, we like to have big features such as this, sit in the
> trunk
> for a while so that user reported bugs are ironed out before a
release. It
> may not be wise to wait that long for a release, since we already have
> lot
> of major un-released features in trunk.
> --
> Regards,
> Shalin Shekhar Mangar.

Indeed that's an excellent policy and I wouldn't want to suggest
anything otherwise for this feature. If it does get pushed to 1.5, do
you have a rough plan for the length of that dev cycle? 2-3 months

Best Regards, 

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