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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject putting UnInvertedField instances in a SolrCache?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 23:27:04 GMT

recent wiki updates have be looking at UnInvertedField for the first time 
(i haven't been very good at keeping up with commits the last few months) 
and i'm wondering about the use of a "static Cache multiValuedFieldCache" 
keyed off of SolrIndexSearcher.

Lucene-Java is trying to move away from this pattern in FieldCache, and in 
Solr we already have a nice and robust cache mechanism on each 
SolrIndexSearcher -- that includes the possibility of doing auto-warming 
via regenerators -- so why don't we suse that for UnInvertedField?

suggested changes...

1) add a new "special" (as opposed to "user") SolrCache instance named 
"facetCache" to SolrIndexSearcher (just like filterCache and 
queryResultCache) where the key is a field name and the value is an 
UnInvertedField instance.

2) I think the way the "special" caches are 
initialized they eist with defaults even if they aren't declared in 
solrconfig.xml, but if i'm wrong we should consier making facetCache work 
that way.

2) add a regenerator for facetCache (relatively trivial)

3) remove all of the static cashing code from UnInvertedField



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