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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [was: license headers]
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 01:49:24 GMT

: I was thinking that we may want to move the python client out of the distro as
: well.  It is untested with 1.3 and unmaintained.


that seems like the best plan.  I would make a note to that effect in both 
a new client/python/README.txt file committed in the trunk, as well as on 
the wiki.  

: I'm not sure what our back-compatibility guarantees are for things like
: clients.  If it is unacceptible to remove, we should at least add a note to
: the file documenting its obsolescence.

we've never really made any official claims about compatibility client 
code compatibility in the past releases ... then again, we've never really 
made any official claims about core code compatibility in past releases, 
we've just loosely adopted the basic pattern used by the lucene-java 
subproject since that was what was most familiar to the orriginal 

It's probably a worthwhile discussion to have, but i digress.  

As far as goes i think it's best to leave it out of 1.3 ... i 
think there are some patches for it in Jira, i confess that as someone who 
knows nothing about python i haven't paid any attention to them.  it would 
be good to revist those at some point and (assuming they work well) see if 
the people responsible for them would be interested in taking on some 
ownership of hte code ... but it's too late to worry about that for 1.3.


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