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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: DIH example configs?
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2008 05:16:56 GMT

: The example contains a pre-populated hsql databse and the hsql driver
: to make it easy to demonstrate the features of DIH. It can be checked
: in, but , should it be a part of standard distribution ? will it not

I hadn't noticed the full hsqldb directory, I was mainly just refering to 
the "solr home" configs for demoing DIH.  (i assumed the size of the jar 
was because of the solr.war inside)

the example configs should definitely be in svn.  if nothing else so they 
are included in the releases sa exactly what they are: examples.  

The hsqldb data (and driver? ... oh, i see it's baked into the war) are a 
a seperate question.  The hsqldb driver is tiny, as long as the license is 
ok we can include it (no different then the way the main example includes 
jetty) ... as for the prepopulated DB: couldn't we store that data in SVN 
as flat text files and generate the DB at build time?  i'm not opposed to 
putting the 1.1MB hsqldb in the release.

Alternately: is there a JDBC Driver that can treate CSV files as tables?  
We don't need all the features HSQLDB provides just for the simple example 


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