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From "Andrew Savory" <>
Subject Re: SOLR-555 ... Solr 1.3?
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 08:31:25 GMT
Hey there,

2008/8/1 Chris Hostetter <>:

> I'd hoped to be long done with SOLR-555 by now, have it all polished and
> spiffy and committed ... but it's not.

Autogenerate "user" docs about "plugins" from code,

> is it worth it to
> start using this, and start generating better documentation that we can
> include in 1.3 even if the documentation isn't pretty to look at?  Will we
> take the time before releasing to fill in the documentation so it's actually
> useful?  ... or should we hold off, stick with the status quo (all "user"
> docs are in wiki pages)  and worry about after 1.3?

I'd suggest "commit early, commit often", especially for something
that is not API-level and therefore problematic if it's changed. This
gives other people the opportunity to work on the three things you
list that need improvement, and also allows anyone to start writing
docs. If lots of docs are added before 1.3, great. If they aren't, no

-- /

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