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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: solr-specific-forrest-variables.ent
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 21:54:57 GMT

: How does Forrest pick them up from siteconf.xml?  The reference in there seems
: to be to a local file and not the one in build/.

catalog.xcat refers to the file using a relative path that goes all the 
way up and into the build dir...

:  less build/solr-specific-forrest-variables.ent
:       <!ENTITY solr.specversion "">
: But after running Forrest in the site dir, tutorial.html looks like:
: +      This document is for Apache Solr version 1.2.2008.  If
: you are using a different version of Solr, please consult the documentation
: that was distributed with the version you are using.
: So, it's getting today's date, but not the right version.

Even the date isn't right actually (note that the hours, minutes, and 
seconds are wrong)

: It also isn't generating tutorial.pdf which seems weird.

i think something maybe wonky about the timestamps on your files and what 
forrest thiks is "up to date" ... try blowing away the forrest "build" dir 
in src/site/src and then following the steps and see what happens (on the 
trunk i'm seeing it pull in solr-specific-forrest-variables.ent correctly)

NOTE: when doing releases, you'll want to use "-Dversion=X.Y.M 
-Dspecversion=X.Y.M" on all the ant command line calls so that the spect 
version gets filled in with an "official" version number and not the long 
ugly dev version that includes the date like you're seeing here. (it's 
spelled out on the HowToRelease page)


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