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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr Logging
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 04:06:52 GMT

: Actually, Solr depends on Lucene :-)

Okay ... I must admit ... this is funnier then Ryan's "i prefer kittens" 

yes, i suppose we have a core dependency on Lucene which could in theory 
result in an incompatibility.  That ship has sailed.

: SLF4J doesn't have a "LogMessage" to propagate to the container since it's a
: simple thin facade to the logging kit you want to use.  In the case of JUL
: which you're a fan of and what we all think should be the default
: implementation if you don't take steps to configure logging, any
: "LogMessage" (or whatever JUL calls it -- LogRecord?) would in fact be
: loaded by the system classloader.  

Hmmmm.... i'm going to have to wrap my head arround this (and your other 
comments about how SLF4J works in later ... 
at the moment it seems just as scary to me:  multiple implementations of 
the same class potentially loaded in the same JVM.

But I'm willing to have a little faith and see how this goes.


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