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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: tweak to analysis.jsp for payload
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 18:48:15 GMT

:    There is a PayloadHelper class in Lucene that has decode/encode float and
: int methods.  Any ideas on how Payloads might be uniformly decoded into
: something readable/debugable from the gui?  I think bytes to String will give
: enough of a clue to be helpful.

I've never really looked at PayloadHelper, but if i were tasked with 
trying to find a way to display in HTML an arbitrary byte[] that may or 
may not be a String, i would start by attempting a String conversion, if 
that succeds *and* all chars in the resulting String are "printable" ( 
ie: Character.isDefined(c) && ! Character.isISOCOntrol(c)) then display 
the first N chars (where N is some reasonable max size to display) ... if 
not, then just display the first N characters of the hex string 
representing the byte[].

It might be overkill, but the other possibility would be to add 
<payloadInspector> config option to <fieldType> ... it could be a class 
used solely for debugging purposes, and could be declared at arbitrary 
points in the <tokenfilter> chain (indicating that from this point on, 
this is how to display the payload) or completely outside of the 
<analyzer> when using standalone Analyzers (or when the payload structure 
is identicle for hte entire <tokenfilter> chain)


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