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From Steve Suppe <>
Subject Re: Offsets?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 22:33:18 GMT
I apologize if this was the wrong list, but I had asked a similar question 
over there to no avail, so I figured it must be buried deep in the API, and 
would be better for this list :)

I was thinking either the tokens or the entire field itself (not sure if 
that is supported at all, I feel like I'm drinking from a firehose!).  In 
our case, certain documents will have certain fields attached, and will be 
returned based on search criteria.  We have specific highlighting 
requirements, and I will have to rely on the actual offsets of those 
matching fields (as opposed to using the built-in highlighting).  Ideally, 
I'd have the begin/end offset for each field that I return.

I could probably figure that out from the first and last token in the 
field.  It looks like analysis.jsp access the index directly to get the 
information it needs.  This is a possibility, but I was thinking if I could 
get SOLR to return that information in the initial JSON, then I could save 
a step and speed things up immensely.

Thanks in advance!


At 02:10 PM 2/26/2008, you wrote:
>(maybe a better question for solr-user... but)
>which offsets are you talking about?  The tokens?  Are you looking for 
>something like analysis.jsp or SOLR-477?
>Steve Suppe wrote:
>>I'm looking into returning the offsets for various fields I've created in 
>>a JSON object.  Is there some agreement why this isn't included to begin 
>>with (is there some sort of architectural reason this is going to be very 
>>hard?)  Or does anyone have any suggestions on the 'cleanest' way to 
>>implement it?

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