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From Mike Klaas <>
Subject Re: bundling clients in distributions
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2008 00:48:24 GMT
On 15-Dec-07, at 4:45 PM, Erik Hatcher wrote:

> I'd like to get the other clients bundled with Solr's next official  
> distribution.  The itch, of course, is the solr-ruby library and  
> Flare, though Python should definitely come along for the ride too,  
> and solrj is already being prepackaged.
> Python is the easy one, it's just a single file to include.  solr- 
> ruby should be distributed as a .gem file, which is some kind of  
> bundle of the lib directory (like a .jar).  Ideally the solr-ruby  
> unit tests would be run too.  This would require the release  
> manager have Ruby and/or JRuby installed, along with Rake and Rails  
> (to be able to run the Flare unit tests).
> I'll work up a patch.   I'm mailing here to get initial thoughts on  
> this from the community too.  I would like to get the solr-ruby  
> library and Flare versioned the same as Solr itself too, whereas I  
> started solr-ruby at 0.1 and the last Rubyforge release is 0.5.
> Comments?

It might place too much onus on the release manager to have a dev  
environment setup up for every client language possibility.  While  
the ruby stuff might be simply an inconvenience, there are also php  
and .net clients out there, and the total volume of hassle rises  

I think this can be delegated (assuming apache bylaws allow this).   
The release manager would prepare a release candidate for evaluation,  
and wait for the "all clear" from the leads for all clients that they  
couldn't test themselves.  If no one is willing to do this evaluation  
work, then we should drop the client from the distribution.

The python client is a problem: currently it has no tests and has  
been actively broken in past releases.  Fixing it up is on my list of  
things to do, but I haven't been very successful at knocking those  
off lately.


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