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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: purpose of MultiCore "default" ?
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 06:01:11 GMT

: > ...this seems like a really cool use case of multicores, but it also seems
: > like it is incompartible with the primary goal of multicores: having lots of
: > different indexes; afterall: there's only one default, so you can only use
: > this trick with one of your indexes.

: I have seen the primary goal of multicore as allowing you to modify / reload a
: core at runtime.  The static singletons prohibited any changes after startup.

riiiiight.  okay, let's call the "second" goal of multicore support: 
"support more then one (disparate) index in the same servlet context" 
since people seem to want that.   the point is having a default core makes 
those two usecases disjoint (and people using the second use case can't 
also do the "rebuild on the backend" type approach of the primary use case 
... hence my suggestion that there be no default core, every core have a 
name, and it be possible to move names arround.

: I think we should keep LOAD,UNLOAD,RELOAD and then adding "RENAME"

What do you suggest the semantics of RENAME are?  If i 
LOAD(mainCore), then LOAD(onDeckCOre) and then RENAME(onDeckCore => 
mainCOre) how to i access the old mainCore to UNLOAD it?

(this is why i suggested ADDNAME, REMOVENAME, and MOVENAME ... the idea 
being that each core can have more then one name ... so you can still 
refer to a core even after you give it's "main" name to someone else.

I was suggesting that those operations all be applied to "coreDir" ... the 
one thing about each core that can't be changed so there's never any down 
what core you're dealing with, but they could just as easily be applied to 
existing names of cores (except that you have to define what happens if 
you remove/rename the "last" name a core has)

: I am fine with this.  The only problem I have is that solrj clients would need
: to be configured with the solr url AND the default core name rather then just
: the solr url.

why?  if every core must have a name, and every url has a core name at the 
"root" of the path, then wouldn't you just configure the client with the 
"url prefix" of "http://host:port/context/core/"


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