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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Post-SOLR215/SOLR350 singleton issue
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 15:08:42 GMT
: Created solr-409 as a sub-task of solr-215 to track and post patch.
: I took the shareable library directory path (ie you can specify the library
: directory used by a given core and whether it is shared or not); if 2 cores
: specify the same directory and they are shared, there will be only one
: instance of the class loader.

This "lib: shared or not" issue seems like just one specific question in a 
larger issue of what the long term plan is.

I admit i haven't been following all the multi-core stuff all that 
closely, i know the first goal was to get support on to the internal APIs 
(done) and the next goal is to add support into the WAR for managing 
cores, but i'm completely lost as to what exactly that is going to mean 
... in some discussions it seems that we're talking about multiple 
isolated indexes in a single webapp; in others there is mention of plugins 
knowing about multiple cores, presumably to be able search multiple 
indexes; and then we have the orthoginal issues of dynamicly modifing the 
schema/configs of a core, and possibly persisting them; reloading cores 
to reinitialize them with new configs; cloning cores to then modify their 
configs; etc...

it all seems a little confusing.

Maybe the heavy hitters involved all have a shared collective vision of 
what things will look like based on past discussions, but it would be nice 
to see that vision written up on the wiki (as some use cases and a high 
level design) so we can verify that every one does in fact have a common 
vision, and so people on the periphery of the big happenings (like me!) 
can understand where we're going.


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