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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Initializing - break init() API compatibility?
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 22:30:19 GMT
For people not following:

In looking at how initialization throughout solr, I think the cleanest 
and best approach to move forward is to break the existing init() method 
1. TokenFilterFactory.init( Map<String,String> args )
2. TokenizerFactory.init( Map<String,String> args )
3. SolrRequestHandler.init( NamedList args )

and replace them with:
1. TokenFilterFactory.init( SolrConfig, Map<String,String> args )
2. TokenizerFactory.init( SolrConfig, Map<String,String> args )
3. SolrRequestHandler.init( SolrCore, NamedList args )

In SOLR-215, Henri added some logic to deprecate the existing 
TokenFilterFactory/TokenizerFactory -- it works, but it is messy and 
means we can't just use o.a.s.util.AbstractPluginLoader<T> to load each 

I know that 1.3 should not break APIs, if we make this change 
RequestHandlers/Tokenizers/TokenFilters build under 1.2 could not run 
under 1.3

In my opinion, the simplicity of the change far outweighs the loops and 
ugliness we would need to add to be able to support 1.2 libs under 1.3.



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