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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Some wiki cleanup thoughts
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 05:30:11 GMT

: I think the Response Writer section is still a little rough, given that some
: of the wiki pages listed there are also listed in the IntegratingSolr

you know ... i didn't even notice that when i did it.

: category.  Is it worthwhile creating new pages e.g. JSONResponseWriter and
: putting the response writer related content from SolJSON into it (and
: similar for SolRuby & SolPython)?  I think it would make the section
: clearer.  What does everyone think?

go for it.  It definitely makes sense for there to be a pages specific to 
the response writers, seperate from the pages specific to the languages, 
where notes about communicating with Solr from clients written in those 
languages can refer to any useful response writters)

(allthough this means we probably want to rename SolJSON to SolrAJAX ... 
but that doesn't seem like a big problem)


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