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From Steven Rowe <>
Subject Near duplicate detection [was: Re: Implication of not calling closeSearcher() in DirectUpdateHandler2?]
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 15:50:10 GMT

Cuong Hoang wrote:
> BTW, has anyone here done any serious near duplication detection with Solr?
> If yes, what approaches did you use?
> Unfortunately some of our documents are "near duplications" which means they
> are mostly identical (>75%) but usually not 100% identical. hashCode is very
> sensitive to small changes so it can't be used in our case. 

You may be interested in this Lucene java-user ML thread:


The Nutch TextProfileSignature implementation[1] mentioned in the
above-linked thread appears to take an MD5 signature of the
frequency-ordered downcased whitespace-separated tokens from a document.
 This approach is not quite as sensitive to small changes as a direct
hash of the content, but it will likely fail fairly often if you're
looking at differences of more than a few percent (as your ">75%
identical" seems to indicate).

I have done some small-scale deduplication work (without Solr), and
found that a small preprocessing step using regular expressions to
remove changeable content that was not meaningful for the purposes of
comparison (e.g. hit counters and date/time stamps) was fairly
successful in reducing the error rate for a brute-force term frequency
comparison approach (i.e., direct calculation of the angle between doc
pairs' term vectors).


[1] API doc for Nutch TextProfileSignature class:

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