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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: requestsPerSecond, averageResponseTime
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 00:05:57 GMT
Will Johnson wrote:
>> Has anyone tried to get solr statistics with cacti/nagios?  If it isn't
>> too difficult, I would like to set this up.
>> Can cacti read & parse a file?
> Generally speaking nagios/cacti are as powerful as you are with bash.
> We haven't done it yet but it's a requirement at my company to integrate
> the three in the next couple months.  Our current plan is to get as many
> stats into the statistics page and then have a shell script grab the xml
> (possibly with an xsl) and then feed that into the monitoring apps.
>>>From there it's ringing pagers and usage graphs galore.

sounds good.  make sure to check:

the PluginInfoHandler response format can still be tweaked to make 
something like this easier


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