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From "Mike Klaas" <>
Subject Re: Do we agree on our RTC way of working? (was: Welcome Ryan McKinley!)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2007 17:35:51 GMT
On 4/27/07, Bertrand Delacretaz <> wrote:

> 2.. Non-trivial patches require a [VOTE] on the dev list before being
> committed. What's "non-trivial"? I'd suggest using our common sense
> and trusting each other to judge this, for a start.

"Non-trivial" seems a little weak to require a [VOTE] (which by the
bylaws of apache require three +1s??).  I could see major
architectural decisions requiring a vote, but I think a single review
is sufficient for committing most patches.

Another issue is backward compatibility.  It might be a good idea to
develop some guidelines in this regard (perhaps "functionality that is
being changed requires @deprecation in at least one minor version
before being changed").  We can support it for longer than that, of
course, but it would be nice to provide some guarantee.


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