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From "Ryan McKinley" <>
Subject Re: [Solr Wiki] Update of "EmbeddedSolr" by ErikHatcher
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 05:44:14 GMT
I'm a bit nervous about commiting this (particular) example...  the
bits for commit() search() and delete() are generally useful, but
addDocument() is locked to a toy example.

If we did include it, it should have a big disclaimer saying it is not
an official interface only intended as a sample.  I'd rather wait for
a nicely flushed out and embeddable SOLR-20 (hopefully not too far
off) then add something we would hopefully deprecate soon.

As a wiki page it shows folks how to do what they need to do without
locking down an interface just yet.


On 4/16/07, Chris Hostetter <> wrote:
> perhaps this should just be commited into o.a.s.util so it is compiled as
> part of hte regular build, and ilcuded in the solr JAR ... that way we can
> be sure it stays in sync with the API (and we could have a simple unit
> test that runs it and verifies no Exceptions are thrown)
> the wiki could point to it, and serve as documentation on why/how you
> might want to embed solr instead of using the WAR.
> -Hoss

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