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From "Ryan McKinley" <>
Subject Re: Solr Silently failing when I want a loud complaint.
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 00:50:29 GMT
the current /update stuff always returns a 200 response code - if
there is an error, it is in the text and you have to parse it.  Is
this the problem?  Or is something else happening?

The update handler framework returns proper error codes so they are
much easier to check for...

In general I think solr needs to get louder and more clear with the
error messages:


On 3/22/07, Jamie Orchard-Hays <> wrote:
> I've run into this problem a couple of times. I'm indexing some data,
> but I've inadvertently added a field that my schema doesn't define.
> Everything seems to process fine, Solr doesn't complain, and then I
> spend time trying to figure out what's going on b/c I haven't realized
> my error. I've done this twice in the past few weeks now, costing me a
> few hours where a thrown error would have cost me only a few minutes.
> Is this a known issue? I'm using a nightly build from a couple of weeks ago.
> Thanks,
> Jamie

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