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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: finer granularity of configuration
Date Fri, 09 Feb 2007 22:35:06 GMT

: My use case is this:  I want to have a single solrconfig.xml/
: schema.xml and Solr distribution, and be able to bring up a Solr
: instance for different data directories.  Nothing more than that.
: For different configurations and schemas, I'd make a copy of the
: configuration directory.
: Does this patch make sense to commit as-is, or could it be committed
: with some tweaks, or is it not a good general approach and needs to
: be thought out more?

I suppose it's okay...

i just worry that while for you the dataDir is the only critical
difference, other people may feel that they want to reuse the same dataDir
butwith differnet solrconfig.xml (so they can have multiple ports serving
searching the same index with different request handler configurations)
while other people will want the xslt directory to be different, etc...
at the moment the only system property we support is solr.solr.home (and
even that i feel like we should discourage unless there is a strong reason
why someone cn't use JNDI) but with that one property people can still
share just about anything via symbolic file/directory links.

if we start adding more system properies to let people override config
values, i'd rather see us go all out with token replacment and not add any
more special system property names.


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